Totally smokefree workplace

Sunday 1 July, 2018

Workers from AME Systems holding a smokefree workplace sign

AME Systems is a large manufacturer based in Ararat with a site in Bayswater, employing over 250 people. AME Systems is demonstrating leadership in the manufacturing sector and is the first Achievement Program manufacturing workplace member to go completely smokefree. AME System’s approach differs from other manufacturing workplaces that have been recognised for achieving the Smoking benchmarks, as other companies still allow smoking onsite in designated areas.

To successfully implement a totally smokefree policy an all-inclusive approach was needed, so they established a smokefree workplace working group. The group included smokers and non-smokers from all areas within the business, from senior management to operators and both full-time and part-time staff.

AME Systems also engaged a Dr. Lee Naylor from Fit and Healthy Business – Corporate health Consultants, to work with 30 staff who indicated they would like to quit smoking. They have had great success with 16 staff members who have successfully quit smoking. For those employees who haven’t yet quit or only cut back, they have become aware of the support available to them if they choose to quit, and have felt supported through this process.

Chairman of the Working Group, Operations Manager Dean Pinniger said, “This is a fantastic effort for AME Systems and becoming a smokefree workplace complements the many other health and wellbeing programs that have been run or endorsed over the past five years including free health checks, fresh fruit made available, company sponsored onsite physiotherapy service, exercise programs including the current yoga classes and of course the QUIT Program.” 

AME Systems has reported many benefits as a result of the smokefree environment such as improved attitudes to work. The organisation notes the employees who worked through the Quit program were more invigorated and inspired during a normal work day.

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