Achievement Program Health Promoters

Health Promoters and the Achievement Program

Health Promoters play a vital role in the Achievement Program.

Combine your health promotion expertise with our evidence-based resources to promote healthy environments for schools, early childhood services and workplaces in your area.

We know creating a healthy environment is a complex task. The AP can help you to enhance your prevention efforts at scale using our whole-organisation framework to support settings to make changes in policy, culture, leadership and connect to your communities.

Achievement Program Health Promoters have access to guides, tools, information, and wellness resources to support organisations in your area.  And best of all, membership and access to support is free!

  • Support a healthier Victoria using a place-based approach to health
  • Create healthier communities in your area
  • Use our program to inform your strategic prevention plans and reporting.

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Benefits of becoming an Achievement Program Health Promoter


Health promoter resources: Access comprehensive, evidence-informed resources tailored to schools, early childhood services and workplaces.


Health promoter support: Our staff and our health promoters are available to help you support organisations in your area to create healthy places.


Health promoter network: Become part of a state-wide network of health promoters and health organisations.

What is the Achievement Program

The Achievement Program is a simple, evidence-based framework to support whole-organisation health and wellbeing approaches for early childhood services, schools and workplaces. This innovative health promotion initiative can only succeed with the support of local health promoters on the ground (such as a health promotion officer).

Our health promoters help organisations to become healthy places by supporting them to meet our benchmarks, use our tools and resources and connect with health programs and initiatives that support health and wellbeing.

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