Mental health and wellbeing: community connections

Saturday 2 May, 2020


Brighton Secondary College


Health area

Mental health and wellbeing


Tips and activities

Argia, a year 12 student, is the Welfare captain at Brighton Secondary College. Currently, she's working with her team in promoting mental health and wellbeing for the year 12 students. While Argia is studying very hard for her VCE, she's also working alongside Brighton Secondary's Welfare Manager and psychologists, and respected health organisations including Head Space, Bayside Youth and Connect Health.


Activities to promote mental health and wellbeing include:

  • posting mental health and wellbeing tips from Headspace and Bayside Youth on Facebook and Instagram
  • creating a school newsletter for the students through the isolation period, which featured a wellbeing section
  • working with Connect Health, drawing on its mental health first aid training, and the schools VCE wellbeing committee to educate students about mental health and the stigma that's often associated with it.