5 reasons to join the Healthy Workplaces Achievement Program




There’s a lot of buzz out there about wellbeing programs, and there are many on offer. The good news is we’ve brought all the best-practice steps together and combined them in one easy-to-follow program.


Here’s five reasons why you should sign up and use our wellness framework now.



1. It’s a good investment for you and your employees

A recent Australian study found healthy employees are three time more productive, and have more energy, higher self-esteem, lower risk of chronic disease and generally feel happier at work.


That can mean a reduction in absenteeism and staff turnover for your workplace, ultimately saving you both time and money.


2. Based on best-practice health and wellbeing

When it comes to health, it’s important to get it right. The Achievement Program aligns with the World Health Organization’s model for healthy workplaces and our framework is informed by the latest evidence in health and wellbeing.


We give you a set of health priority areas to choose from – health areas that will have the most impact for improving wellbeing, including Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Alcohol and Other Drug Use, and Smoking.


3. We link you to the community

Our members don’t go it alone. Our friendly Achievement Program team can guide you through the program, and connect you with resources and local support services to help you develop a health and wellbeing plan for your workplace’s individual needs.


4. Recognised by the Victorian Government

When you reach the benchmarks for a health priority area, a healthier place is not your only reward. The Victorian Government will also recognise your workplace as a healthy place to show your community you are leaders in health and wellbeing.


5. Completely free

No sign-up fees, no hidden costs. At the Achievement Program our only mission is to help all workplaces become healthier places


So why wait? Join today.