Peninsula Health: keeping well

Thursday 23 April, 2020


As a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, lots of workplaces have needed to adapt and put in measures to respond to this crisis. We’re speaking to workplaces to find out the challenges they’ve faced, the new opportunities they’ve found and the ways they’re staying connected during this time.


From Peninsula Health, we hear from Maddy Tatham, Health Promotion Practitioner. Peninsula Health is the major public health service for Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula, providing world-class healthcare.


What changes have occurred within your organisation in response to the crisis?


To support with social distancing and self-isolation measures, our health promotion team has transitioned to working from home. We are endeavouring to maintain a ‘business as usual’ approach as much as possible and making every effort we can to continue to connect with our community and convey positive health and wellbeing messages.


Our team members are continuing to adapt and evolve to this transition and are exploring new ways of working so that we can continue to achieve our goals, support the diverse range of settings we work with and collaborate with our partners.


What challenges have you faced as an organisation?


Some of our team members have found the transition to working from home challenging, particularly around not physically being with their colleagues each day, but we are always up for a challenge and have been implementing multiple strategies to address these.


To keep connected as a team, we have implemented a roster for daily sharing of something funny to put a smile on our faces each day, as well as coordinating a fortnightly informal ‘cuppa catch up’ via Zoom. We also aim to touch base with one of our colleagues daily for a check in and are regularly sharing any ideas and resources with one another to help prioritise our health and wellbeing.


Has the crisis presented your organisation with new opportunities?


For many of us, we have had the opportunity to learn more about new communication platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and are considering continuing to use these tools when things ‘return to normal’.


We’re also considering using video conferencing platforms to replace some phone call meetings, to help us better connect with and maintain strong relationships with partners and settings.


Some of our team members have expressed that working from home has offered an improved work-life balance, enabling more time for activities they enjoy such as exercise, spending time with family and taking the time to prepare healthy and nutritious meals.


Finding the positives during this time 


Here’s some things our wonderful health promotion team members are doing to maintain their health and wellbeing at home:

  • Alexis has set up a home exercise station, started teaching herself guitar, ukulele and singing, set a goal to learn more about the environment and sustainability, and started a gratitude diary, noting things she is grateful for each day.
  • Andie is doing a daily yoga/ meditation routine, with company from her furry friends, and getting out in her garden of an afternoon.
  • Bel is stretching throughout her working day and making trips to the backyard for fresh air.
  • Chris is enjoying walking around her property and gardening in her spare time.
  • Courtney has been walking and adding to the rainbow trail with her little one.
  • Eva has been enjoying her music and exercising with family in their backyard after work.
  • Josh has been enjoying spending time and playing with his dogs, who love him being home.
  • Kristen has been investing more time in her Spanish language lessons, and using the free seven minute workout app.
  • Maddy has been connecting with family and friends regularly, taking frequent stretch breaks throughout the working day, and taking work phone calls in her backyard when she can.
  • Natalie has been ensuring she is nourishing her body with healthy and nutritious foods and has set up a mini home exercise area in her garage.
  • Lucy is keeping up her exercise routine by doing online HIIT/ strength classes and going for regular runs through her local reservoir reserve.

For more top tips on supporting workplace mental health and wellbeing during this time, visit the Achievement Program’s Wellbeing Library.


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