Longstanding health heroes: City of Stonnington


The City of Stonnington shines a light on its commitment to promoting good health and wellbeing within the workplace.


For the past 11 years it has had a wellbeing program embedded in the organisations culture, enhancing health outcomes for over 900 employees. However, in November 2018 the Council joined the Achievement Program to build upon the great work it was already doing to receive Victorian Government recognition for its efforts.


The Council focused on three pillars of health: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body and Healthy Life. This mantra guided its efforts for attaining recognition for the Achievement Program’s Physical Activity health priority area.


What did it do?


The two core focuses were on communication and strong leadership. A communication campaign was implemented with the vision of clearly sharing the different programs available to get active. Information was delivered via the intranet, website banners, emails, physical posters, word of mouth, through the wellbeing committee and roadshows to inspire physical activity. 


The Council also took a renewed approach to supportive leadership by clearly highlighting the benefits of active employees and established key Managers from a cross section of the organisation to be active ambassadors for the Wellbeing Program. This fostered strong support for the implementation of active initiatives including:


- Lunchtime and afterhours programs including pilates, cardio circuits, boxing,   tai chi and aqua aerobics.

- Annual team exercise challenges which this year also encompassed goal setting in nutrition, sleep, balance and hydration.

- Promotion of active travel such as walking or riding to work with Ride2Work        Day.

- Discount offers for health club memberships.


City of Stonnington CEO Jacqui Weatherill, says the Achievement Program has provided an opportunity to lift an already great wellbeing program to have a more significant profile, with the Council attributing its success to having strong leadership endorsement.


“You need leaders to walk the talk and get behind these programs for their employees to participate and engage.”


“A wellbeing committee representing employees from across the organisation provides an amazing resource to create a culture where all employees help build and can participate in the same program,” said Ms Weatherill.


Stonnington City Council can now celebrate its successes with Victorian Government recognition for creating a healthier workplace environment for all by supporting and encouraging physical activity.

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