Cultivating healthy changes


Nestled in the Yarra Ranges, a friendly and happy kindergarten is planting the seeds of good health. An Achievement Program member since 2016, Selby Kindergarten is committed to nurturing healthy and happy children.


The kindergarten’s 44 children are each year learning healthy habits for life through positive health and wellbeing initiatives implemented as part of the Achievement Program.


The kindergarten stated, “Joining the Achievement Program guided us to a deeper and more thoughtful approach as to how we can support the health of our children.”


The kindergarten is committed to working its way through the Achievement Program and has introduced some fantastic ideas to incease health eating and oral health in the kindergarten including: 

  • The implementation of ‘water champions’ to inspire children to drink more water and offer a fun challenge among peers. The initiative has also transcended into home life with children creating ‘dinner champions’ and families observing a shift in behaviour with children eating a wider range of healthy foods at dinner time.
  • Organising daily obstacle courses with a focus on fun (which are held indoors on cold and wet days).
  • Providing healthy toy fruit and vegetables when the children play ‘shop’ which has resulted in an increased awareness of healthy foods, shaping healthy eating behaviours.
  • Providing active engagement in the kindergarten vegetable garden where children grow, prepare and eat healthy food.
  • Regular communication of health messages to parents and staff to highlight the importance of health and wellbeing in a child’s development.
  • Provision of healthy food and drink options at kindergarten events.

Through these healthy initiatives, the kindergarten is well on its way to receiving Victorian Government recognition for the Health Priority Area of Healthy Eating and Oral Health.


Head of the Achievement Program, Tope Adepoyibi, believes the kindergarten’s health journey is a great example of how shaping good health can start with simple changes to daily activities.


“Selby Kindergarten demonstrates that cultivating good health doesn’t have to be an onerous task, rather, simple changes can be all it takes to have a positive impact.”


Selby Kindergarten has already received recognition for the Sun Protection Health Priority Area and is also working towards receiving recognition for the program’s Safe Environments, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Physical Activity and Movement and Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drugs Health Priority Areas.


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