Winners announced for the Healthy Schools Competition

Friday 14 August, 2020

To acknowledge the remarkable job staff and students are doing to support health and wellbeing while remote learning, the Achievement Program called upon Victorian schools to take part in the Healthy Schools Competition.  


To enter, schools were required to upload a video or image with a description of a healthy activity they had undertaken.


The Healthy Schools Achievement Program coordinator Claire Rennie was in awe of the inspiring and fun activities schools were undertaking.


“Reading through the entries was very uplifting and I was highly impressed by the creativity and thought schools had put into health and wellbeing activities. There were a range of entries from primary and secondary schools across 21 Victorian local government areas,” Ms Rennie said. 


The entries were judged based on three categories: thoughtful, engaging and creative. The winners have received a $500 voucher to the Teacher Superstore.


Congratulations to…


Cobden Technical School for the thoughtful category

Cobden Technical School staff created a Gratitude Corner which was home to a gratitude tree and a wall of positive images of students learning. During remote learning, students and staff at the school or visiting the school had the opportunity to write on a leaf what they were grateful for and then hang it on the tree. Staff also displayed pictures on the wall turning it into an ‘image gallery’ of the different ways students enjoy learning.


Silverton Primary School for the engaging category

During remote learning Silverton Primary School developed a Physical Activity App. The app was used as an engaging resource to help students and their families remain active at home. The app was continually updated with different games and activities and received an overwhelmingly positive response with the app recording use on 495 devices in a school of 480 students.


Rowville Primary School for the creative category

Rowville Primary School believed home learning was a great opportunity to improve essential cooking skills and embrace creativity through vegetable inspired meals. Through the PE and health curriculum, home learning tasks challenged students to find vegetable recipes, cook them and share them with the family. Recipes that were rated as favourites were then sent to the school along with photos of the students cooking.


A dedicated group of staff and parents are now working together to collate these photos and recipes to design a school recipe book, which will be sold as a fundraiser later this year. To complement this, the art curriculum included tasks that asked students to submit artwork of their vegetable and fruit creations and selected artwork will be featured throughout the recipe book.


To read more about the competition, visit the Healthy Schools Competition webpage.