Benefits of active travel to school

Friday 12 March, 2021


Encouraging children to walk, ride or scoot to school helps them build physical activity into their day. However, the health benefit is not limited to just a child’s physical health, it also supports overall wellbeing and the creation of lifelong healthy habits.


Wellbeing benefits

  • Confidence: active travel helps build children’s confidence. Children learn important skills such as road safety and awareness of their surroundings. This can help promote independence and resilience. 
  • Boosts energy levels: increasing children’s activity levels can help generate positive learning outcomes such as improved concentration in the classroom.
  • Being social: active travel is a great opportunity for children to have fun and to socialise with other local children or their family.
  • Connecting with the neighbourhood: by exploring local routes to school, children become familiar with their local neighbourhood and can connect with the world around them.
  • Environmentally friendly: active travel is good for not only children’s health but the health of the environment too. It helps to reduce emissions and traffic congestion on the road.

We encourage all Victorian schools to promote walking, riding or scooting to school.


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