Mental health and wellbeing and healthy eating: team involvement

Wednesday 15 April, 2020


Nutrition Australia


Health areas

Mental health and wellbeing, healthy eating, physical activity


Tips and activities

Nutrition Australia is taking a holistic and proactive approach to prioritising staff health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It has observed a high level of staff engagement in the below activities.

  • Daily morning coffee catch ups where staff share work priorities and how they plan to fit in their 30 mins of physical activity. The catch ups also help with mental wellbeing, motivation and accountability.
  • Afternoon check ins, which are used as another mental wellbeing check- in point.
  • Participation in Active April (30 mins activity per day).
  • An online lunchroom, which is optional to join, promoting social connection, mental wellbeing and healthy eating. 
  • A wellness chat room where staff share wellness tips, inspiration and humorous material.
  • Fortnightly social activities such as an online trivia night.