Physical activity and mental health and wellbeing: virtual communication

Monday 27 April, 2020


Inner-city Melbourne primary school


Health areas

Physical activity and mental health and wellbeing


Tips and activities

Our school has been using the digital platform ‘Class Dojo’ for the last three years. The platform supports our positive education activities and reinforces our school values.


Class Dojo acts as a reward system and communication tool between the school, students and their families. So naturally during this unprecedented time, Class Dojo has become the best and safest choice of digital communication used by our teachers to deliver essential learning to our school community.


Teachers are mindful that the lessons include fun and realistic activities that allow for independent learning tasks, whilst taking into consideration the physical and mental wellbeing of the students. Each morning, teachers deliver personalised messages to their class using videos, links and messaging.


Our specialist teachers: art, music, physical education, wellbeing and language, are also adding exciting lessons to each class, increasing student engagement and catering to students' different strengths. Each child has their own private portfolio so they can draw, write, upload photos, recordings or videos of their completed work.