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How the Achievement Program works

Once you register, you’ll receive resources and support to create a healthy work environment, helping you introduce and sustain a healthy culture for the long-term.

The Achievement Program Cycle

The guidelines, tools and templates you’ll receive will help you work through a process of engagement, planning, implementation and review.

Step 1: Commit

Gain leadership commitment and encourage participation from all staff.

Step 2: Identify

Assess your current health activities and organisational practices – find out what you’re doing well and where you could improve.

Step 3: Plan

Create a plan for health and wellbeing.

Step 4: Implement

Put your plan into action.

Step 5: Evaluate

Review and reflect on your progress, and any changes you’ve noticed.

The benchmarks

In the early stages, you’ll identify one or more health priorities to focus on, reflecting the needs and interests of your workforce. These evidence-based benchmarks contain strategies to help you ensure you’re implementing best practice in relation to health and wellbeing. They are also an invaluable planning tool.

The Achievement Program Cycle for Workplaces Step 1 Commit, Step 2 Identify, Step 3 Plan, Step 4 Implement, Step 5 Evaluate

Interactive Member Portal for Workplaces

Build on what you’re already doing

You may already be offering plenty of activities to promote good health and wellbeing in your workplace. The Achievement Program is designed to help you build on this to truly embed health and wellbeing into your organisation’s culture.

Businesses have told us that the Achievement Program framework has helped them organise their ideas, provide better support to employees, identify what else they might do, and gain buy-in from senior management and colleagues.

Interactive member portal

Our member portal allows you to work through the Achievement Program at your convenience.

You will have access to a suite of tailored resources, case studies and links to further information, as well as all the latest news, in one place. Online forms mean applying for recognition from the Victorian Government is simple.