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Get your business on board

For the Achievement Program to be effective, it’s essential that that you have your whole workplace on board – from senior management who need to endorse the introduction of health and wellbeing in your workplace, to the broader workforce who will help set the direction.

Scientist in testing lab, working with chemicals

When workplace leaders get on board, they also send an important message that the organisation takes employee health and wellbeing seriously, and their involvement and enthusiasm can make a huge difference to momentum and participation.

Introductory brochure

The brochure (2.39MB) provides you with an informative introduction to the Achievement Program. 

Business case template

A great way of getting buy-in from senior management is to develop a business case, demonstrating how a focus on health and wellbeing could contribute to a more productive, successful business. Use our business case template (266KB) to help shape one that’s relevant to your organisation.


You could also use a profile of health risks among your workforce or industry to help strengthen your case. If your organisation has done WorkHealth checks (or other health checks) you may have received a profile report that you can use. There are also broader industry summaries available which illustrate the common health risks facing your industry and provide a case for why businesses should act.

The WorkHealth check analyses and Medibank Private’s The Health of Australia’s Workforce contain proven research and hard facts around how health programs impact the bottom line.

The Victorian Population Survey is another source of health risk information.