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What the Achievement Program is

The Achievement Program gives you a simple, evidence-based framework to support the health and wellbeing of everyone in your school. Help students develop to their full potential and boost staff productivity – at any age, healthy people perform better.

Students preparing rhubarb as a part of their school health program

Developed by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Education and Training, the initiative can be easily incorporated into your strategic and annual planning and self-evaluation processes. Further, implementing the Achievement Program is a great way to enhance student engagement and wellbeing outcomes.

Even if you’re already doing great things to promote health and wellbeing at your school, the Achievement Program helps you build on this, and achieve recognition from the Victorian Government as a Healthy School.

Achievement Program Framework Diagram

Health promoting schools approach

The Achievement Program is based on the World Health Organization’s model for health promoting schools, an internationally recognised best practice approach for enhancing health, wellbeing, learning and development outcomes.

A health promoting schools approach is broader than implementing some health and wellbeing activities – although these are important. It involves integrating health in planning and policies, creating a healthy culture and environment, and involving the whole school – students, staff, teachers and families in the process. Forging partnerships with the local community is also important.

Through the Achievement Program, health and wellbeing becomes embedded in your culture – a part of everyday school life.