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How the Achievement Program works

Once you sign up, you’ll receive all the information, guides and easy-to-use tools to implement the Achievement Program. At your own pace, you will work through three stages.

The Achievement Program Cycle

Phase 1: Coordinate

Get your school on board with the Achievement Program, put together a team and assess what your school’s health priorities are.

Phase 2: Create

Develop a health and wellbeing plan based on your school’s health priorities and put it into action. The Achievement Program for schools incorporates eight health priority areas, but it’s best to focus on only one or two at a time.

Phase 3: Celebrate

Review your work and reflect on the healthy changes you can see in your school. When you reach this point your school will be recognised by the Victorian Government as a Healthy School.

Health priority areas

The Achievement Program helps coordinate your health and wellbeing actions across eight health priority areas. These cover the gamut of health – from sun protection to mental health and wellbeing. You can apply for recognition for promoting these health priorities when your school has successfully met state-wide benchmarks.

The evidence-based benchmarks are a guide to best practice health promotion. They will help ensure you are taking a whole-school approach to health and wellbeing. You can use them to guide your health and wellbeing planning and build on initiatives you already have in place.

The Achievement Program Cycle for Schools

Interactive Member Portal for Schools

Interactive member portal

Our member portal allows you to work through the Achievement Program at your convenience.

You will have access to a suite of tailored resources, case studies and links to further information, as well as all the latest news, in one place. Online forms mean applying for recognition from the Victorian Government is simple.

You can also find out if other schools or services in your local area are participating.

The Achievement Program has helped to give our school a real focus for health and wellbeing and has been a tool to assist us in pulling all our health and wellbeing activities together. It’s also provided a great opportunity for our school to engage with the whole school community (students, staff, families and outside agencies) throughout the Achievement Program Process.

Claire Green - Student Wellbeing Leader, St Francis Xavier School, Geelong