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Get your whole school on board

It’s important to gather support for the Achievement Program before you sign up. These materials could be useful for outlining the benefits of participating to school leadership and colleagues.

Quick start guide

Students in cooking class at their primary school

Our quick start guide (1 MB) provides a quick and easy summary of what is required at each stage of the Achievement Program. You might find it useful for explaining what’s involved. It's more than just an introduction to the Achievement Program - it also points you to more detailed information and tools, so you can use it from registration to recognition.


The requirements for all eight health priority areas promote an holistic approach to health and wellbeing. They can be useful for explaining what’s involved in the Achievement Program.

Recognition summary

This one-page recognition summary shows you exactly what the Achievement Program certificates, outdoor signs and health priority area icons look like. It also explains when you can apply for recognition from the Victorian Government.