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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is a whole-organisation (/school/service) approach to health and wellbeing?

Why is a whole-organisation approach important?

Do you need any special skills to implement the Achievement Program?

Can any organisation join the Achievement Program?

Does it cost to join the Achievement Program?

What does it cost to implement the Achievement Program?

Does the Achievement Program work differently in differently sized workplaces, schools or early childhood centres? How?

How do we begin the Achievement Program?

How do I know my registration has been successful?

How long does it take to work through the Achievement Program cycle? Is there a time limit?

What are other organisations doing to meet the Achievement Program benchmarks?

How does the Achievement Program help us to achieve our core business?

What results will we see in our organisation? How long will it take to see results?

Are there any grants available?

Once recognised, how long can we use the icons for?

How do we know the Achievement Program works?

I'm having trouble using the Portal, is my browser supported?

Education specific

What about our staff? How does the Achievement Program address staff health and wellbeing?

How do combination schools, such as a P-12, implement the Achievement Program?

Can we register as an early childhood service or school, and as a workplace?

What is advanced standing and how do I apply?

Workplace specific

I am a small business. How do I implement the Achievement Program?

How is the Achievement Program implemented in workplaces that have multiple sites?

Is the organisation as a whole recognised for the health priority areas achieved?

We are registered as an individual site and head office controls our policies, what would we need to do to meet the policy related benchmarks?

Is the Achievement Program only available to workplaces in Victoria?

What happens if we have workplace sites or head office located in another state in Australia?

What kind of industries is the Achievement Program suitable for?

What kind of employee hours will be involved in implementing the Achievement Program?

Health Professional specific

Who is eligible to join the health and community professionals’ network?

What is the role of Cancer Council Victoria in the Achievement Program?

Is there professional development on the Achievement Program available for health and community professionals?