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Our environments influence our behaviour. You’ll find that by creating a healthy service, you’re supporting the health and wellbeing of the children in your care, their families and your staff.

Boy on climbing equipment

Healthy children learn better. By embedding health and wellbeing in your service culture, you’re giving the children in your care a great start to their learning and helping them develop to their full potential.

Instilling healthy habits in children during their formative years not only boosts their health and learning potential, it sets them up for a lifetime of good health.

The Achievement Program also recognises the importance of having healthy staff – by signing up, you’re enhancing the wellbeing of everyone in the service.

Participating in the Achievement Program can help strengthen your practice across areas of the National Quality Standards, in particular, children’s health and safety. You’ll be guided to integrate your health and wellbeing actions into your Quality Improvement Plan.

If your service has been awarded recognition by SunSmart, Smiles 4 Miles, or KidsMatter Primary the work you have already done can be recognised under the Achievement Program.